20 dec 2019
Altough Middelburg suffered difficulties due to legal issues, all infrastructural works were carried out.

In Essenvelt a multifunctional landscape led approach was developed and implemented to introduce watermanagement solutions that achieve climate resilient coastal landscapes. Implementation (infrastructural works) started in September 2019 and the main infrastructure works were finished in December 2019. Planting is foreseen in spring 2020.

A 2nd climate test was conducted (deepdive discussions have been held to evaluate the climate test and the associated actions). In the discussions watermanagers, planners, land- and nature managers and landscape architects were involved. The colleagues from Ostend (twin partner as a fringe pilot) were also present at the workshop. The use of the original landscape structures and strengthening them by way of significant watermanagement measures (applying technical solutions for watersurplus and watercapacity) are the main issues in the draft- and final design (eg. artificial creekridges).